The benefit of BYD lithium forklifts

The benefit of BYD lithium forklifts

Lithium battery forklift is designed to solve the problem that conventional forklift causes, and bring optimisation of usage. It introduces significant benefits, if switched over.   

The benefits includes:
1. Environment friendly, No harmful emission;
2. The lithium-iron-phosphate battery does not cause any heavy metal pollution, because it comes with no harmful materials;

Comparing to conventional Lead-Acid battery forklifts:
1. No water refilling required,
2. No shift batteries, gantry cranes or staff required to change batteries out
3. No dedicated ventilated charging area required
4. Standard charge in 3 hours, allows opportunity charging anytime, a 20-min quick charge will give you 1.0 hour; or our 2-hour fast charger is an option
5. The battery is approx. 30% more efficient than lead-acid battery. The 80V270Ah lasts up to 10 hours and 80V540Ah up to 20 hours operating time for a 2.5 tonne forklift
6. No eye wash station required for safety, because there is no hazardous acid liquid;
7. Expected life of 4000 full charge cycles while lead-acid battery can only provide 1200 charging life cycles

Comparing to gas forklifts:
1. No labour required for replacing gas bottle;
2. Saving of $15-$18.00 per LPG tank per shift  on fuel bills;
3. It is cheaper to maintain, the service cost if about half of that for a gas/diesel forklift, much less moving parts;

In addition, we have provided a cost comparison calculator for you to compare financially between our BYD lithium and conventional forklifts. Please follow the link below:

BYD Lithium Cost Comparison Calculator

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