BYD Electric Forklift Wins Environment Awards in UK

By winning the Environment Category of the Logistics Awards, UK fruit packing business Cottage Farms has proven how BYD has transformed the material handling process into a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution. In 2018, due to the increasing demand for local material handling, Cottage Farms started to replace their existing internal combustion (IC) and lead-acid electric-powered forklift truck fleet to BYD lithium iron-phosphate forklift trucks that have brought them both operational and environmental benefits. 

Source from BYD Europe

Cost effective BYD Forklift

The managing director of Cottage Farms, Mr. Browning, shared that they have significantly reduced cost  as well as lowered their carbon footprint. He said productivity levels have never been higher, even though they have reduced the size of  the total fleet. BYD forklifts are equipped with a high performance lithium iron-phosphate battery that saves 90% charging time compared to the lead-acid forklift. The high efficiency of charging has led to the high efficiency of work performance, especially in complex working conditions. Mr. Browning also shared that the rapid charging times and long battery life make short opportunity charge possible, which allows maximum capacity for the duration of a full shift in the warehouse. Mr. Browning says that they can move from 40% to be fully charged in less than an hour. This contributed to an £18,000 saving per year before counting the savings in electricity and servicing. 

BYD electric forklift

BYD electric reach truck forklift in Cottage Farms in UK

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, BYD lithium iron-phosphate batteries have a longer working life with no replacement needed in normal use. It is maintenance free without any need for daily battery check or periodic maintenance which saves servicing cost. 

BYD electric forklift

BYD electric counterbalance forklift in action in Cottage Farms

Cottage Farms is benefitting from the BYD zero-emission electric forklift trucks that contributed significantly towards reducing carbon footprint because the battery is composed of 100% recyclable green materials that results in no heavy metal pollutants, toxic fumes or gas emissions when they are working.



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