BYD Lithium Cost Comparison Calculator

This page provides the cost calculations that compare the BYD Lithium Battery forklifts with the following popular conventional type forklifts: Gas forklift and Lead-Acid electric forklift 

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Equivelant BYD Lithium Battery figures
Battery Capacity kWh per full charge 1 Available hours(approx.) 2 Hours per week Weekly Electricity Cost 3 Maintenaince Cost per Hour
Economy in cost of operation Cost Comparison
Item LPG Forklift BYD
Working hours per year 4
Energy Cost Per Year 5
Maintenance Cost per year 6
Total cost per year
Savings per year with BYD Forklift
5 years Savings with BYD Forklift
1. Power is calculated by Voltage x Ah, e.g. To charge an 80V270AH battery from empty to full will require 80 x 270 = 21600 watt, which is 21.6kW. 2. A fully charged 80V270AH BYD lithium battery will give a counterblance forklift with capacity lower than 3 tonne 8 hours of no-stop operation in an above-zero degree environment. While an 80V540AH battery allows a 2.5 tonner approx. 16-18 hours, and those above 3 tonnes 10-14 hours of non-stop operation; 3. Electricty usage cost is based on 85% of efficiency, which means the charging process itself will cost about 15% of total electricity usage. Therefore, the calculation takes this in consideration. 4. Calculation is based on 52 weeks of operation per year, 5 days per week. 5. Calculation is based on 52 weeks of operation per year, 5 days per week.; 6. On average, a gas forklift cost about $1.5 per hour of operation on maintenance, while BYD lithium cost about $0.8 per hour of operation.

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Water bill Battery Replacement Battery Changing Cost Battery Maintenance Cost Battery Checking Yearly Electricity Cost 1
$0 $0 $0 $0 $0

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Water usage
Yearly Consumption(Litres) Price/L Yearly Total Cost Number of batteries Yearly Cost per battery Batteries per forklift Yearly Cost per forklift
Battery Replacement Cost
Cost per battery Life Expectancy Number of battery per forklift Yearly Cost per forklift
Daily Battery Change
Hours needed to change a battery /day/unit Cost of labour Cost /battery/day Number of change per day 2 Yearly Cost per forklift
Battery Maintenance
Hours required to maintain a battery in a year 3 Cost of labour Number of battery per forklift Yearly Cost per forklift
Hours required to check a battery daily 4 Cost of labour Daily check cost /battery Number of battery per forklift Hours required per forklift Daily check cost /forklift Yearly Cost per forklift
Electricity Cost
Actual daily working hours Hourly Energy used(kWh) 5 Total Daily Energy Usage(kWh) Total Actual Daily Energy Usage(kWh)6 Yearly Cost per forklift
1. Base on the capacity, we calculated based either our 80V270AH or 80V540AH battery with 85% charging efficiency; 2. If you run 2 shifts you might need to change battery, or have a spare forklift. Eitherway, changing forklift or battery is not required by BYD Lithium, due to the availablity of long running hours, opportunity charge and fast charge; 3. We calculated based on an average figure of 4 hours; 4. It is the time required during daily routine of checking if water level and battery status is in working condition; 5. A full charge energy caculated based on the battery capacity provided by you, divided by the daily actual working hours; 6. The lead-acid can reach an average of 60-70% charging efficiency. We calculated based on 65%.

Terms of use:

  1. 1. This calculator is based on industry average figures, actual comparison must be based on onsite usage with recorded numbers.
  2. 2. eForklift reserves the right of explaination of method used in the calculation.

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