We successfully had our BYD ECB25E lithium counter balance forklift trialed at the largest cold storage operation in Australia, Oxford Cold Storage. Below is the the review from Elvis Lee, the workshop coordinator at Oxford Cold Storage:

” My experience with electric forklift since 2005, seeing all different brand of Lead-Acid battery and charger for the performance, without any doubt that Lead-Acid battery required a high level of maintenance to achieve the best result and longevity, cleanliness and correct level of electrolyte in cells can effects its performance, under charge and over-discharge is a major factor in short cell life.

“Comparing to the lithium-Iron battery forklift, the following was observed:
-Longer run time for the forklift, in this instance one charge last almost 16 Hours of operation

BYD ECB25E lithium counter balance forklift trialed at Oxford Cold Storage

“Shorter charging time
-Cleanliness of the battery, no chemical residual.

“As cost of electricity and other associate cost are keep on rising, battery technology is better than years ago, Lithium –Iron battery forklift is the way to go for the future due to its lower running cost, lower battery maintenance cost, and importantly environmental friendly.”

A complete report with operation data can be found via this link below: