Electric Counterbalance Forklift in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

We are a dependable company for sales and renting of electric counterbalance forklift trucks in Australia as we provide complete guarantee for customer satisfaction. We check every product before selling it or renting it out as we don’t want our customers to face any kind of problem.

The electric counterbalance forklift is powered by gas, diesel, as well as battery. It is designed in a way that the rear end has a weight which offsets the weight of the material to be lifted and moved. An electric counterbalance forklift is the most common type of forklift used in indoor applications. Dual forks are located at the front, and so, this forklift truck offers straightforward operation.

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CPC(Q)D15/18/20/25/30/35T8 Counterbalance Forklift


CPD13/15/16/18/20TV8 Forklift


Diesel/Gasoline 1.5-10.0t Forklift Sydney

Diesel/Gasoline 1.5-10.0t

MAX- 3/5/8 forklift hire Melbourne

MAX- 3/5/8

eForklift BYD counter Forklift Perth

eForklift BYD counter