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Forklifts are undeniably a vital part of warehouses in Australia. Eforklift is the leading company that people depend on for Forklift hire and offers forklifts for sale in Melbourne. The main decision to make while you plan for a Forklift hire or purchase is the type of forklift you need – either an electric forklift or diesel/petrol forklift. An electric forklift has changed the life of industries immensely with its features and environmentally friendly aspects. Here are some of the benefits of using an electric forklift from Eforklift:

BYD counterbalance electric forklift
  • Operating cost: Though you may feel forklifts would cost a pretty penny, it is worth the money you pay. This is due to the benefits of compounds like service cost, refueling price, purchase price, and recharging expenses. So, its operating cost is lesser than internal combustion. Initial cost during the purchase will equate and save your money in the future considering these factors.
  • Seamless mobility: Electric forklift is perfectly built for its maneuverability in the narrow aisle. Its compactness makes it ideal to navigate around warehouses with space constraints due to its small chassis.
  • Lower Noise: Nobody likes a loud environment especially when they work. Electric forklift produces lower noise than internal combustion. This reduces the possibility of hearing impairment of employees in the warehouses. Significantly less noise leads to a better working environment. This will avoid noise pollution if the warehouse is situated in a residential area.
  • Maintenance expense: Anything made with fewer parts are less complicated to maintain. Therefore, the Electric forklift has long service intervals. Longer service intervals will result in more productivity time and a better life span. However, battery replacement is mandatory once in a few years.

Eco-friendly option: Electric forklift has lower carbon emissions than petrol/diesel forklift. Hence you have a safer working environment to work in without compromising efficiency.

EForklift Offer All Types of a Forklift for Sale & Hire at Affordable Prices Across Melbourne

At Eforklift, we do not restrict ourselves in offering a single type of forklift for hire or sale. Let us get into a few types of Electric forklift that we supply in Melbourne:

  • Lithium battery forklift – This forklift has both ecological and economic advantages. With the lowest maintenance, it has exceedingly long battery life.
  • Reach truck forklift – With a low emission and operating cost, a reach truck forklift ensures high productivity with the least turnaround time. High and confined areas can be easily accessed with its help.
  • Electric pallet truck – It moves palletized loads easily. An electric pallet truck is operated on battery power, which reduces the physical effort of the driver to lift and move the load.
  • Electric Order picker – It is the safest type of Electric forklift for racking at high levels. This can be operated from inside the truck or at ground level.
  • Counterbalance forklift – Most common Electric forklift is a counterbalance forklift. They can bare huge loads for their built design. Its fuel types include battery electric, petrol, LPG, and diesel.

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