Electric Pallet Truck 2.0t

  • Ideal Option for Heavy Duty Long Distance Material Handling Tasks :
  • Driving Wheel Pressure auto-compansation patent Design Makes Operation Comfortable & smooth;
  • Dual-Monitoring Electric Steering Offers safer and simpler Operations;


Lithium Battery Features:

  • Low selfweight;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Completely sealed, no air pollution
  • when charging;
  • Faster charging;
  • opportunity charge.
EPT20-20RAS - Electric Pallet Truck 2.0t

BMS Features:

  • over charge protection;
  • over discharge protect;
  • over current protect;
  • over temperature protect


  • Lithium-ion battery has passed rigorous tests, including collision, extrusion, needling, burning, high and low temperature to ensure the safety.

Charger Features:

  • Fast, compact, smart