BYD ECB18 – 3 wheels Lithium Counterbalance Forklift

$47,700.00 +GST

Small turning radius with fast charging and true opportunity charging, allows this ECB16 four-wheeler to suit a variety of industries: 3PL, eCommerce, wholesale, pharmaceuticals and more. It can be a great combination to work with reach forklifts in aisles, loading areas. This machine is designed to work around the clock.

Load Capacity

1800 kg

Battery Capacity


Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Control Options

Fingertip, Joystick, Lever

Lifting Height


Tyre Options

Cushion, Non-Marking, Solid

Attachment Opt.

Fork Positioning, Others, Side Shifter

Min. turning radius

1640 mm


***Price subject to change based on specific configuration***



Electric braking system | Slope protection | Multi-functional seat with safe belt -Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) | High loading position protection | Strobe light and reversing alarm | LED headlights and rear combination lights | Programmable automatic speed limit | Cylinder lowering speed limit | Charger protection | Overload protection


Iron-phosphate Battery | AC drive system | AC hydraulic lift system | Small turning radius | Battery rapid charging & opportunity charging-Programmable performance | Digital (LCD) multifunction display(Time & date, OPS time accumulator, Battery capacity indicator, Over-discharge warning (lift interrupt), Parking brake indicator, Direction indicator, Maintenance indicator, Overload indicator) | Built-in analyzer | Self-diagnostics

Operability & Ergonomics

Strategically configured instrument | Front & rear operator assist grips | Automatic fork-leveling control | Hydraulic directional shift control | Seat-mounted Mini dual joystick | Heavy-duty slip-resistant floor mat | Bay with USB port | Bay with Cup holder | Parking brake alarm


AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator) | AC hydraulic motor (no brushes or commutator) | Charging port analyzing connection | Easy-access no-tools floorboard | Maintenance-free battery case | Easy-lift battery hood | Hydraulic fluid level check | Easy-access controllers | CAN-bus controller wiring


Download ECB18 3W Data Sheet

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