Product specification
Type : Electric pallet truck
Capacity : 1.2 T
Fork Width : 560/685 mm
Fork Length : 1150 mm

24 V/26 Ah  Lithium

Travel Speed : 4/4.5 km/h

DC Controller


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  • Light service weight, decent capacity, suitable for anywhere a hand pallet truck could be used: 120kg Ultra-light service weight, 1200kg high rated capacity, come and go freely in small working space with 1390mm turning radius.
  • Battery: 3.7kg battery replacement, optional standby battery extend run time.
  • CAN-BUS system: CAN-BUS system simplifies operation/maintenance level, improves system reliability.
  • Patented integrated design: Innovative designed sealed hydraulic unit, low noise, easy maintenance.
  • Patented non-contact limit switch design: New patented non-contact limit switch design, improves the reliability.
  • Safety: Convenient emergency stop switch, strong driving wheel cover, solid battery clip, ensure safety and reliability.
  • Patented key switch design: New patented key switch design,integrated with u-disk function.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintenance free truck design for end users to trouble shooting and replace failure part by simple instruction, free labor cost.
  • Patented handle design: New design of integral handle head, easy to access all control buttons.
  • Patented frame design: New frame design, light service weight, high strength.