One-Stop Shop for Electric Forklifts Sale & Hire in Brisbane

Are you thinking about buying an Electric Forklift in Brisbane? Delay no further and head towards Eforklift, the one-stop-shop for quality forklifts for sale. We have seen a rise in demand for electric forklifts over fuel-filled forklifts in recent times. The former has a few uses that vary from a normal forklift. Here are a few uses of electric forklift which has gained prominence in the warehouse industry:

  • Electric forklifts, unlike fuel-filled forklifts, have no engine or radiators. Lack of these is a boon to you as you do not have to spend too much time planning maintenance time and interval.
  • The productivity of the operator is on the higher end as the operator requires minimum movement to keep an electric forklift working.
  • Due to the non-existence of the engine, there is very little fluid waste. It does not require a fluid change ever.
  • An electric forklift has an incredibly low center of gravity, making lifting loads to heights easy.
  • Automatic braking is an excellent feature an electric forklift has. Brakes are automatically applied as soon as the pedal is released. Wear and tear of brake pads reduce due to automatic brakes.

All Types of Electric Forklifts Are Available: Find the Right Forklift for Your Project in Brisbane

You may have heard about a couple of electric forklift types. The different types of electric forklift in Australia supplied by Eforklift in Brisbane are:

  1. Lithium battery forklift – Electric forklifts with lithium battery is a life savior to avoid your excessive expense on frequent maintenance. Its fast charging ensures better productivity during working hours. The life span of the battery is close to a decade, allowing you to use the forklift for longer.
  1. Reach truck forklift – It does not let the load protrude while carrying for unloading, which is the specialty of the compact shape of the truck. This makes it easier to use in the narrow aisles.
  1. Electric pallet truck – An Electric pallet truck has a much smaller radius turning capability with emergency braking and speed limiting features, making it extremely safe to use.
  1. Electric Order picker – It can save you time and effort on the repetitive task of moving up and down to stock products in the warehouse.
  1. Counterbalance forklift – In such an electric forklift, the weight of the load is counterbalanced with another weight, which is usually a battery or cast iron.

Which Is the Leading Electric Forklift Supplier in Brisbane?

Are you still looking for a reliable Electric Forklift supplier in Brisbane? We have you covered. Eforklift is the leading supplier of forklifts for sale or hire in Australia. Our forklifts are of high quality and are determined to improve your warehouse work productivity. Mail us at to inform us about your electric forklift requirement in Brisbane.