iMow 3 Ton Li-ion Forklift with Electric Lithium Battery ICE301B

$32,000.00 $29,000.00 +GST

A lithium forklift at the price of a gas forklift, and it performs.

Attachment Opt.

Side Shifter

Load Capacity

3000 kg

Battery Capacity


Lifting Height


Tyre Options


Battery Type

Li-Ion Battery

Control Options




1. How many charging times for the lithium battery?
The battery capacity is 80V/220Ah, and the charger is 65Ah, so the charging time is around 3
2. What is the cost of replace new set of lithium-ion battery if life span out?
As for the cost problem, you can contact your sales representative, And now we have special
promotion for ICE301B, you can get 3 units and an extra 80V/220Ah li-ion battery for free.
3. How long the working hour?
The working hour depends on the actual working condition, normally we say it can work for 4-5
4. How fast charging?
Our self-developed Li-ion battery can do opportunity charging and it can be charged up to 20% in
28 Minutes for normal usage.
5. Charging port has auto stop when charged fully?
6. The control drive can change to Curtis controller?
No, we use Zapi controller as standard
7. Will forklift getting very difficult to lift up 3T (or cannot lift up at all) when battery is low
like 20%?

Yes, it will. But we suggest you should do opportunity charging and the battery can be charged up
to 7% in 10 minutes.
8. How much runtime will I get from a lithium-ion battery?
The working hour of a lithium-ion battery depends on your actual working condition. Normally
our battery can used more than 6 years. And we have a 5-year warranty for all our self-developed
li-ion batteries.
9. How is the cycle lift of the Lithium-ion.
2000 cycle life
10. The ICE301B suitable for use 24/7 operation? And need how many set Lithium-ion to

ICE301B is not designed for 24/7 operation, unfortunately. If you have such a long-hour demend
and would like to have a back-up battery on hand, we are happy to provide you with a FREE
80V/220 Ah li-ion battery if you order three units or more.
11. What effect does temperature have on using / charging lithium batteries?
Ambient temperature for use: -20°C ~ 45°C
The normal charging temperature range of the battery is: 0° C~45° C.


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