Large Range of New and Used Forklifts for Sale in Perth

Gone are the days where the manufacturers had limited options to move their stock within the walls of the warehouse. The new generation forklifts have advanced features to make your work easy. If you are in urgent need of a forklift in Perth and your budget is minimal you can buy a used electric forklift from Eforklift. We have an array of new as well as used forklifts for sale in Perth. We also offer Forklift hire services across Australia.

For those of you who are yet to use an electric forklift but are confused about its use, here is a gist of what you can expect:

BYD counterbalance electric forklift
  • Safety – The forklift operators have good visibility as there is no fuel tank in the front. Vision from behind is also not hindered. This reduces the chance of accidents.
  • Small diameter turning – Turning and navigating is more flexible due to the small chassis. With no room to move in the narrow aisle, the small chassis is a cherry on the cake, which helps in easy movement.
  • Eco Friendly – Electric forklift has no fuel emissions, making it environmentally friendly. The health quality of the workers improves as there is no carbon emission. Using a non-electric forklift will force the workers to work in a polluted environment.
  • No wasted oil – As electric forklifts do not have an engine or run on fuel, there is no oil leakage. Using an electric forklift will make the maintenance of the warehouse easier.
  • Low maintenance – As they do not have an engine that needs regular maintenance, they are low-maintenance vehicles.

Eforklift in Perth: Covering a Variety of Forklift Needs

At Eforklift, we ensure that our customers receive maximum benefits from us, be it in the form of forklift hire, or forklift sale (new and used). To give you an insight into choosing from our forklift collection, here are the kinds of forklifts we offer you in Perth:

  • Lithium battery forklift – Its charging is fast and effective, which will reduce the downtime of the forklift during working hours. Thus, using a Lithium battery forklift will improve productivity.
  • Reach truck forklift – This type of electric forklift can be used in the smallest aisle in your warehouse. This has the most maneuverability among the lot.
  • Electric pallet truck – Electric pallet truck helps in the effortless movement of the palletized loads. This battery-operated forklift needs very minimal use of the operator to move the load.
  • Electric Order picker – Using an Electric Order picker will eliminate your use of rolling ladders, which are sometimes unsafe for the workers. Hence monotonous up and down retrieving of load can be avoided.
  • Counterbalance forklift – Counterbalance forklift is a multipurpose utility forklift used on docks, with a minimum of 10 feet width. It has two varieties – sit-down truck and stand-up truck.

Looking for the Best Electric Forklift in Perth?

Eforklift has the best range of new and used electric forklifts in and around Perth. Contact us on 1800 336 757 to get more details about forklift services we offer in Australia.