Features of BYD ECB25Introduction to Effective Logistics

Effective Logistics is 3rd party logistic service provider with it main location at Truganina, Victoria. It operates two shifts from 6am to 4pm, handling a variety of products. There are about 20+ forklifts in their forklift fleet. 10 of them are counterbalance forklifts, while others are VNA multi-directional forklift and reach trucks.

Problems They were Facing

Before deploying BYD lithium forklift to their counterbalance fleet, Effective Logistics purely on LPG, and paying good rates to its forklift supplier on a long term rental agreement. Thanks to their business operation, they were paying big gas bills monthly. Phil, the owner the company did considered change the counterbalance forklift fleet to electric. However, he barely found any electric forklift that fits for their heavy work loads. This is one of the reason Phil was quite hesitated towards our solution at the very beginning. They needs to run multiple shifts, lift heavy loads. Using spare forklifts or shift battery is not ideal solution to their operation. The whole operation must be continously running. This requires the forklift to last long enough, be able to opportunity charge, charge fast enough and be capable to produce the same level of power that LPG forklift produces.

How BYD Lithium Forklifts Help

After evaluating their requirement, we figured that the BYD ECB25D with a 80V270AH battery ticks all the boxes. As a result, we pushed for a trial of two weeks. With its BYD’s 80V power, it is powerful enough to finish any job that a LPG forklift does. A full charge survive the busy double shifts. Occasionally, a 15-30 minute opportunity charge during a break, offered an extra 2-3 hour running time. And it is not to hard to notice the gas usage reduction during the period.

It wasn’t too long before Phil decided to keep the demo unit and continue using it for the next 5 years. And this is followed with three other BYD counterbalance forklift orders. I firmly believe this is just a start, as they will be gradually rolling out to replace their LPG forklifts with BYD lithium forklifts not only to save cost on the gas but also create a better working condition and reduce carbon foot print for the environment.

See it in action(video):